Bud to Boss Toolkit

    Designed for anyone who is new to supervising and managing others, the Bud to Boss Toolkit will provide the foundation needed to take on a new leadership position. New Managers will learn how to co... (Read more)

    Working with Others to Get Things Done Course

    Although you may not have the title of manager, you can still work through other people and get things done successfully if you know how. That’s what this program is about. You’re going to learn s... (Read more)

    Supervision Basics

    Managers learn the supervision skills needed when they are responsible for guiding the performance of others. Management Development Learning Track: Bud to Boss Toolkit, Supervision Basics, Manag... (Read more)

    Supervising Special Groups Course

    The main objective of this session is to help you supervise special groups of employees more effectively. By the time the session is over, you should be able to: identify the needs of special group... (Read more)

    Professional Behavior: What Supervisors Need to Know Course

    This course will take approximately 26 minutes to complete. Your success as a supervisor depends on conducting yourself in a professional manner at all times with everyone you come in contact wi... (Read more)

    Problem Solving for Employees Course

    Recognize the importance of problem solving, Understand the positive impact of input, Identify problem-solving steps and Use effective problem-solving techniques (Read more)