Soft Skills

    Developing Work Relationships

    Individuals build their relationships with colleagues and peers to increase personal success and team collaboration. Learning Track Bundles: Developing Great Work Relationships, Creating Great Tea... (Read more)

    You and Your Boss

    Individuals build their relationship with their boss to receive the right level of feedback and coaching for success. Learning Track Bundles: Basic Business Skills, Personal Behaviors and Conduc... (Read more)

    Starting a New Job

    Individuals new to a job,role or the company, take action to accelerate the time it takes to become a productive employee and integrated team member. Learning Track: Onboarding New Employees, S... (Read more)

    Motivating Employees - Tips and Tactics for Supervisors Course

    This course will take approximately 21 minutes to complete. The main objective of this session is to provide you with tips and tactics to motivate your employees to perform at their best. By th... (Read more)

    How to Negotiate Salary: Negotiating a Raise or Promotion

    Do you feel underpaid and undervalued at work, and want to ask for a raise, but are anxious and don't know how to do it? Or maybe you've got a big performance review coming up, and you want a littl... (Read more)

    How to ListenSpeak™

    The Problem: You find yourself and others raising their voices in exasperation, repeating "I SAID.... WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN?" Orders are misunderstood, mistakes happen, people's feelings get hur... (Read more)